Popcorn? Check. Ethanol? Check. Movie night? Yes… please.

3 09 2011

I don’t know how many other people that are as avid documentary followers as myself.

You name it; I’ve seen it. I’ve watched documentaries on big box corporations; bees;  financial crisis and negligence; religious strife; excursions in Patagonia; and of course, environmental degradation.

Fine, I’ll even admit that one of my boyfriend’s go-to nicknames for me is “Docu-Queen,” honoring my insatiable thirst for this particular cinematic delight.

I’ve had the lucky opportunity to snag a preview of this film (sorry, top secret clearance is difficult to come by!).

Its comprehensive nature discusses our most feasible alternative to our addiction to foreign oil: ethanol. The producer travels the country to share his message and tout ethanol’s social and economic attributes.

It’s Friday night! So grab a bowl of popcorn, your significant other and pop in “Freedom.”

Because we all deserve a little Freedom 🙂




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