Need a Last Minute Costume Idea? How About Homegrown Fuel!

31 10 2011

I’m sure you’re probably scrambling to throw together a quick idea for a last minute Halloween costume for some sort of social event. Don’t worry – we’re in the same boat.

Traditionally, scary costumes preside over those deemed ‘cute’ or ‘whimsy.’ Don’t be fooled, however, by this traditional costume stigma; more people are challenging the status quo while not breaking the bank.

Here are some fun ideas that yes, I threw together on the spot (much like you are probably doing at this point on your Hallow’s night):
1) Grab an old t-shirt (preferably yellow) and leftover paint lying around your garage. Draw “E-85” on the shirt. When friends ask you what you are, respond with “money in my pocket when I go to fuel up.” Kidding aside, the yellow shirt would represent the yellow ethanol gas pump.
2) Pin some corn stalks on your head for corn stover. Don’t underestimate the cellulosic potential in which the ethanol industry is expanding.
3) We’ve recently learned that ethanol can be made from not just corn, but other feedstocks such as coffee. Got an old white sweater with a stubborn coffee stain? Wear it with pride and say the eye-sore arrived on your clothing from an unfortunate coffee ethanol manufacturing experiment.
4) Sport a Nascar ethanol racing shirt. Who doesn’t like American muscle and fast cars?
5) As a last minute idea, just wear your regular garb. Keep breathing in deeply every couple minutes and exhaling with a large smile. When people give you odd or perplexed stare, just explain that you’re a happy citizen in a world with decreased smog because everyone drives vehicles run on clean burning fuel.

Family Farm, Boorito, Chipotle, Halloween Costume, Ethanol

Okay, your evening is almost set. What kind of party could you attend dressed up as such a character? That I cannot answer. However, I came across a special that Chipotle is running tonight called BOORITO. Any customer that comes in dressed as a farm-related animal or implement can purchase a giant burrito from 6pm to closing for only $2. Yes, home-grown fuel is definitely farming-related.

This event is sponsored by Farm Aid, a long standing, national organization that benefits family farmers and strengthens America through musical festivals and outreach programs.

Where ever you end up tonight, I hope these costume ideas sparked your creative interest.



Fall’s here… almost! Plenty of attractions for young and old.

10 09 2011

So although this particular post may not cover renewable fuels directly, I would like to explore how pre-harvested corn (before it’s produced into an amazing, local fuel for our cars) can provide a wonderful fall attraction for families looking to spend time with their loved ones.

The official start of the 2011 Autumn season is on the September equinox, or September 23. This is one of only two days a year in which we experience almost exactly 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness (f you’re sitting on the equator, that is).

What better way to soak up this amazing weather than spending it outside with your kids or friends?

Insert Coleman’s Corn Maze (picture at right). They offer everything from a 17 acre corn maze, hayrides, farm animals to bonfires. They also provide U-pick pumpkins at the end of this month.

But if you don’t live anywhere near Coleman’s Corn Maze in Saline, Michigan, there are plenty of alternative corn mazes near you. Just google your state’s tourism website and search for corn mazes to find local farms.

Besides gooey, tart candy apples paired with savory kettle corn, what’s the best part about an activity like exploring a corn maze or picking apples on a family farm?

Quality time spent with the ones you love.